Game Reviews: What Are The Worst Video Games?

If you are a gamer, then you already know that there are video games out there that are not worth playing. If you have ever set out to download or purchase a game, and spent hours trying to play it but ultimately couldn’t get past the lacking storyline, dull adventure, or slow controls, you should start reading game reviews more often. These game reviews will help you shed a light on some of them and stop you from wasting your time and money on mediocre games.


Ride to Hell: Retribution

The structure of Ride to Hell: Retribution was originally envisioned in 2009, and the video game was influenced by both motorcycle films and the series, Sons of Anarchy. However, the latter was only considered after the show’s premiere.
Ride to Hell: Retribution was originally scheduled to debut in 2009, but it was instead published in the same year when The Last of Us revolutionized gaming. In addition to being difficult to play, Ride to Hell has a plot that is just awful. What’s worse is that it has the lowest rating of any game launched in the twenty-first century.


Battle for Aquarius: Aquaman

Superhero PC games are usually a crowd favorite but Battle for Aquarius: Aquaman is a new level of low. While hardly every superhero game can match video games like Superman and Spiderman’s quality, Aquaman: Battle for Aquarius lacks creativity and inspiration. The fighting is repetitive, the game looks dated, and there isn’t any voice acting. There are only three opponent categories that consistently use the same tactics all through. Additionally, Aquaman also never uses his trident in battle, even though it is depicted on the original cover.


Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Big Rigs, a truck racing simulation in which participants were expected to transport freight across the US while dodging police and outpacing computer-controlled competitors, was regarded by the gaming community as being blatantly inadequate. To begin with, the opposing truck never leaves the start of the race, there isn’t any load, and there are no police, which was the whole intention of the video game. Despite the awful controls, the production firm Stellar Stone managed to get around this by omitting any collision detection.


Rambo: The Video Game

The scenario and settings of the game, which are inspired by the Rambo movie franchise, take place throughout the first three movies and cast players in the character of John Rambo. The idea of taking on the role of John Rambo first got fans all giddy, but as the game was repeatedly delayed, it became clear that negative game reviews were on the horizon. Rambo quickly established itself as a lackluster experience, with obsolete visuals that only served to emphasize the notion that it would have been more appropriate as an arcade game in the 1990s. In essence, you kill anyone and anything you see, including police officers, leaving behind no survivor stories, which results in a monotonous gaming cycle that, sadly, doesn’t pose a challenge or present any fun.


Infestation Survivor Stories: The War Z

The genre of action zombie PC games is a popular one among the gaming community. This is why it is no surprise that an awful game like Infestation Survivor Stories attempted to bandwagon the profitability of action zombie video games. Ironically, the alpha version of this game earned rave reviews, but the final selling version made essentially no enhancements. Some gamers have even said that it regressed from the first version.


SPOGS Racing

SPOGS Racing’s poor Metacritic rating of 18 is noteworthy, but it’s also how out of date it feels. In a nutshell, SPOGS Racing is a racing video game set in 2008 but looks like it is from the 1990s. In addition to the weird innovation of the SPOGS, gamers and reviewers have nothing more to say about SPOGS Racing. It is described as one of the worst-selling Wii games ever and has very bland gameplay, subpar controls, and mediocre visuals. The top customer reviews for SPOGS Racing were either submitted by bots or by snarky individuals.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Regardless of how well-liked Sonic is, the franchise has seen several disappointments over the course of video game history. The most notable example is perhaps Sonic the Hedgehog from 2006. The game was a complete disaster even though it was meant to be a reboot. A large portion of the game’s issues was brought on by its hasty production. As a result, the game had bad cameras and controls, no in-game mechanics, and a complicated and unclear plot.



Instead of wasting valuable time experiencing bad PC games and video games for yourself, look for detailed game reviews to guide you. Some of the most interesting action and combat games are based on the narrative of survivor stories. Game reviewers have already experienced the worst and best ones on your behalf.